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Be Heard Group plc

Dec 21 2015
Tags: Public limited company London Stock Exchange Registered office

Offer details

Expected size of offer (M): £5.5m
Expected first date of trading: 23/11/2015
Market: AIM
Location of address at which admission document will be available: From the registered office of the Company: Be Heard Group plc 10 Norwich Street London EC4A 1BD From the offices of Numis Securities Limited: The London Stock Exchange Building 10 Paternoster Square London EC4M 7LT The admission document will also be available for download at: The admission document will contain full details regarding the applicant and the admission of its securities.
Date at which admission document will be available: -


Sponsor: -
Nominated Advisor (AIM Companies): Numis Securities Limited
Nominated Broker (AIM Companies): Numis Securities Limited

Company details

Name Role
Rodger Sargent Non-executive director
David Wilkinson Non-executive director
Rakhi Parekh Non-executive director
Peter Scott Proposed Executive Chairman
Robin Price Proposed Group Finance Director
Ian Maude Proposed Group Development Director

Facts and Figures

Fiscal year end: 31 December
Incorporated in: England
Website URL: Current: From Admission:

Description of business:
The Company was incorporated on 17 September 2014 and was admitted to trading to the Standard Segment of the Official list on 22 December 2014, with the purpose of carrying out strategic acquisitions. On 9 October 2015 the Company announced that it has entered into a conditional agreement to acquire the entire issued share capital of UK-based digital media agency Agenda 21 Digital Holding Limited ...

Person(s) interested:
Before Admission: Shareholder % interest Marlborough Fund Managers Ltd 11.7% Candy Ventures S.A.R.L 10.3% Courtney Investments Limited 7.0% Barnard Nominees Limited 6.1% Commerzbank AG 4.8% Novum Securities Limited 4.5% Rodger Sargent 4.2% Robert Edward Proctor 4.1% Ganesh Holdings International Limited 3.9% Monecor (London) Limited 3.9% Hargreave Hale Limited 3.7% After Admission: Shareholder % interest Nigel Wray 10.2% Artemis Investment Management 6.6% Gresham House 6.1% Peter Robins 4.9% Peter Scott 4.6% Marlborough Fund Managers Ltd 4.5% Henderson Global Investors 4.4% Rhys Williams 4.4% Candy Ventures S.A.R.L 4.0% Dowgate Capital 3.5%

Be Heard Group plc


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