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European Metals Holdings Limited

Dec 21 2015
Tags: Australian Securities Exchange Metal

Offer details

Expected size of offer (M): NIL
Expected first date of trading: 10/12/2015
Market: AIM
Location of address at which admission document will be available: n/a
Date at which admission document will be available: -


Sponsor: -
Nominated Advisor (AIM Companies): Beaumont Cornish Limited
Nominated Broker (AIM Companies): Beaumont Cornish Limited

Company details

Name Role
David Russell Stuart Reeves Non-Executive Chairman
Keith Dudley Coughlan Managing Director
Pavel Reichl Non-Executive Director
Kiran Caldas Morzaria Proposed Non-Executive Director

Facts and Figures

Description of business:
The Company is admitted to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the code "EMH" and is a lithium and tin exploration and development company with assets in the Czech Republic. The Company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Geomet S.R.O., owns mineral exploration licences for the Cinovec Project in the north of the Czech Republic. Given the favourable location of the deposit with respect t...

Person(s) interested:
Shareholder (registered holder if different) Number of shares Holding (per cent.) Rare Earth Minerals plc (registered holder HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited) 10,334,830 11.87% Keith Dudley Coughlan(registered holder Inswinger Holdings Pty Ltd) (Note 2) 4,500,000 5.17% Richard Keller 6,225,000 7.2% Nefco Nominees Pty Ltd 4,027,000 4.63% Mrs Eleanor Jean Reeves (Note 1) 3,061,872 3.52% Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited 2,956,264 3.40% WB Nominees Limited (clients of Walker Cripps) 2,834,411 3.26% Mark Hohnen 2,805,750 3.22% Pavel Reichl (registered holder Merrill Lynch (Australia) Nominees Pty) (Note 3) 2,778,672 3.19% Hana Vanova 2,778,672 3.19% Note 1: 3,061,872 Ordinary Shares are held by a trust on behalf of Mrs Eleanor Jean Reeves, the spouse of David Russell Stuart Reeves, a director of the Company. Mr Reeves has an interest in these Ordinary Shares. Note 2: Keith Dudley Coughlan, a director of the Company, has a controlling interest in Inswinger Holdings Pty Ltd. Note 3: Mr Reichl's interest comprises his indirect interest in 2,778,672 Shares which are held through Merrill Lynch (Australia) Nominees Pty.

European Metals Holdings Limited


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