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Diurnal Group plc

Dec 21 2015
Tags: Public limited company Pharmaceutical industry Diurnality

Offer details

Expected size of offer (M): £25.3m
Expected first date of trading: 24/12/2015
Market: AIM
Location of address at which admission document will be available: Website: Diurnal Group plc 1 Callaghan Square Cardiff CF10 5BT
Date at which admission document will be available: -


Sponsor: -
Nominated Advisor (AIM Companies): Numis Securities Limited
Nominated Broker (AIM Companies): Numis Securities Limited

Company details

Name Role
Peter Vance Allen, BA ACA Non-Executive Chairman
Martin James Whitaker, BSc PhD Chief Executive Officer
Ian Leslie Ardill, BSc ACA Chief Financial Officer
Richard John Martin Ross, MBBS MD FRCP Chief Scientific Officer
Samuel (Sam) Cameron Williams, MA PhD Non-Executive Director
Alan Michael Raymond, BSc PhD Non-Executive Director
John Geoffrey Goddard, BA FCA MCT Non-Executive Director

Facts and Figures

Description of business:
Diurnal is a globally-focused specialty pharmaceutical company targeting patient needs in chronic endocrine (hormonal) diseases. The Company has identified a number of conditions within the field of endocrinology which it believes are not adequately treated at present and it aims to develop products to address these patient needs where there is either no licensed medicine or the current treatment ...

Person(s) interested:
Prior to Admission1 Immediately following Admission % issued share capital % issued share capital IP Group plc2 45.7% 45.6% Finance Wales plc3 33.5% 22.1% Invesco Asset Management Limited 0.0% 12.5% Oceanwood Capital Management LLP 0.0% 6.7% Sarum Investments Limited 5.2% 3.0% Richard Ross 5.1% 3.0% Simm Investments Limited 5.0% 2.9% 1. As at the date of this announcement, based on holdings of Ordinary Shares only 2. IP Group plc's holding consists of shares held by Fusion IP Sheffield Limited, IP2IPO Limited and IP2IPO Nominees Limited 3. Finance Wales plc's holding consists of shares held by Finance Wales Investments (3) Limited, Finance Wales Investments (5) Limited and Finance Wales Investments (6) Limited

Diurnal Group plc


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