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Draper Esprit plc

Dec 21 2015

Offer details

Expected size of offer (M): TBC
Expected first date of trading: 08/01/2016
Market: AIM
Location of address at which admission document will be available: A copy of the admission document containing full details about the applicant and the admission of its securities will be available on the Company’s website at:
Date at which admission document will be available: -


Sponsor: -
Nominated Advisor (AIM Companies): Numis Securities Limited
Nominated Broker (AIM Companies): Numis Securities Limited/Goodbody Stockbrokers

Company details

Name Role
Karen Slatford Non-executive Chair
Simon Christopher Cook Chief Executive Officer
Stuart Malcolm Chapman Chief Operating Officer
Grahame David Cook Non-executive Director
Richard Fowler Pelly Non-executive Director

Facts and Figures

Description of business:
Draper Esprit is a venture capital investing company with a focus on fast growing technology and digital businesses in the UK, Ireland and Europe. At Admission, the Company will have minority stakes in a portfolio of 24 companies (the ?Initial Portfolio?). The Company intends to invest in the companies comprising the Initial Portfolio and to pursue new investment opportunities. The Company man...

Draper Esprit plc


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