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CityFibre Infrastructure Holdings plc

Dec 21 2015
Tags: Public limited company Infrastructure CityFibre

Offer details

Expected size of offer (M): £80m
Expected first date of trading: 14/01/2016
Market: AIM
Location of address at which admission document will be available: The Admission Document will contain full details about the Company and the admission of its securities.
Date at which admission document will be available: -


Sponsor: -
Nominated Advisor (AIM Companies): finnCap Ltd
Nominated Broker (AIM Companies): finnCap Ltd/Limberum Capital Limited

Company details

Name Role
Peter David Manning Non-Executive Chairman
William Gregory Mesch Chief Executive Officer
Mark Grahame Collins Director, Public Policy
Terence (Terry) Alan Hart Chief Financial Officer
Leopold Wilhelmus Antonius Maria van Doorne Non-Executive Director
Robert Gary Mesch Non-Executive Director
Sally Davis Non-Executive Director
Stephen (Steve) Charlton Non-Executive Director

Facts and Figures

Description of business:
CityFibre is a company incorporated in England and Wales that is the holding company of the group that owns and operates over 600 route kms of local access fibre networks serving over 1,000 customer locations in 61 towns and cities in the UK. CityFibre has conditionally agreed to purchase certain passive dark fibre optic network assets (the "Assets") from KCOM Group plc for a cash consideration...

Person(s) interested:
Before Admission: CityFibre Employee Benefit Trust 9.6% Herald Investment Management 8.2% Odey Asset Management 6.8% Polar Capital 5.7% Allianz Global Investors 3.7% Octopus Investments 3.6% Mr. Frank van Doorne 3.5% Mr. Leo van Doorne 3.5% Aviva Investors 3.5% Ernst Weeland 3.2% Hargreave Hale 3.15% After Admission: Odey Asset Management 13.3% Woodford Investment Management LLP 11.3% Jupiter Asset Management Limited 7.9% Polar Capital Holdings 5.7% Herald Investment Management Ltd 5.4% CityFibre Employee Benefit Trust 3.8% Allianz Global Investors 3.7% Aviva Investors 3.0%

CityFibre Infrastructure Holdings plc


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